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Politician Inappropriately uses Veteran’s Initiative to Promote his Political Campaign

HAZLET - Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden is facing steep criticism from veterans after using a Veteran focused social media initiative to promote his political campaign for re-election. Golden has never served in the military in

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Newest ‘luxury’ commuter ferry to begin Jersey Shore service Sept. 1

WEEHAWKEN – Commuters will get free sewing kits to celebrate the maiden commercial voyage of the Betsy Ross, the region’s newest “luxury” ferry, which will begin service on Sept. 1 between the Jersey Shore and the New York Harbor region, its operator announced Wednesday. The Betsy Ross, named for the Revolutionary War heroine famous for stitching…

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Marlboro Medical Arts Building Groundbreaking

MARLBORO - SFC Enterprises held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Marlboro Medical Arts Building on Tuesday, August 23.  Numerous people gathered around industry partners and public officials as they joined with shovels for a customary turning

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Neptune man handed 45-year prison sentence for 2011 murder

FREEHOLD — A judge sentenced a Neptune Township man Friday to 45 years in state prison for the 2011 murder of an Asbury Park man. Thaddeus Reevey gunned down Eric Freeman, 22, at the Asbury Park Village housing complex on Nov. 8, 2011, authorities said. In March, a jury convicted Reevey of first-degree murder following a…

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Immediate Care Medical Walk-in of Hazlet and Central Jersey Blood Center to Host Blood Drive

HAZLET -  Immediate Care Medical Walk-in of Hazlet will be hosting a blood drive on Thursday, August 25 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m at their center in Airport Plaza, located at 1376 State Highway

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U.S. Army Colonel Jeff Cantor blast Trump as “horrendous” and “beyond redemption”

MIDDLETOWN -  Following Trump's comments about the family of Humayun Khan, U.S. Army Colonel and candidate for Monmouth County Sheriff, Jeff Cantor released a statement calling Khan an American hero and “among the best our country has to

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‘ROAR To The SHORE’ Summer Car Cruise to be held Friday

MIDDLETOWN - On Friday, August 5th from 5.30-8.30 p.m., the Red Oak Diner & Lounge will host 'ROAR To The SHORE' Summer Car Cruise. The diner is located at 2973 Highway 35 North, Hazlet, N.J. 07730.

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Blood Drive at Air Trampoline Sports in Abderdeen

ABERDEEN - Air Trampoline Sports will be hosting a blood drive on Monday, August 15, 2016 from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. The blood drive will be sponsored by Central Jersey Blood Center, a non-profit blood collection and distribution

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The nude beach has a fecal bacteria problem

SANDY HOOK -  Gunnison Beach, the only legal nude beach in New Jersey, was closed for swimming Tuesday after test showed levels of fecal bacteria harmfully high.  The problem was addressed and the beach quickly reopened

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Solomeno Endorsed by Veteran Political Action Committee

HAZLET - VoteVets.org endorsed Vincent Solomeno for Monmouth County Surrogate and selected the candidate for it's prestigious Emerging Leaders Program.  Solomeno is currently away for annual active training with the Army National Guard, where he works as

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